The intelligent valuation
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Products and Licences

The software is installed at the customer’s workstation; this provides flexibility and the independent calculation of the financial value of trademarks. Within the software, for example, the customer's own trademark portfolios can be created.


Unique software-based solution for trademark valuation

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The following figure gives you an overview of our valuation service and the licence packages that can be purchased for the trademark valuation software BrandValue.

Features Single
Software in-house
P. 5 P. 10 P. 15 P. 25 P. X
Number of trademark valuations - unlimited
Maximum number of valuation reports - 5 10 15 25 unlimited
Run-time -   1 Year     1 Year     1 Year     1 Year     1 Year  
Valuation report - printout
Valuation report - file
Help desk
Stand-alone version (CD-ROM)
P. = Package of the maximum number of possible valuation reports
* Referring to a single valuation we carry out an individual trademark valuation and provide a valuation report.