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Because of its modular structure BrandValue is suitable for various valuation purposes (e.g. corporate transactions, sale of trademarks, licensing, trademark controlling or trademark accounting) and allows for maximum flexibility. For example, you can create your own trademark portfolios and choose from different valuation approaches (e.g. profit split, relief from royalty).

Depending on the valuation purpose, you can calculate two types of trademark value with BrandValue: the "Market-oriented Trademark Value" and the "Company-oriented Trademark Value".

The "Market-oriented Trademark Value" is calculated from the point of view of an external buyer who buys only the trademark rights but not company buildings, production facilities or human resources. The input variables for the trademark valuation are based on the average cost structure and capital structure of the specific industrial segment (e.g. EBITA margin, capital employed, etc.).

The "Company-oriented Trademark Value" is the value represented by a trademark that continues to be used by its owner, i.e. a natural or legal person. Individual variables for the calculation of the company-oriented trademark value are based on the management's internal projections.